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Palmistry (Hast Rekha Shastra)


As we all know, Palmistry is the most popular and widely used science for predicting one's future. It originated in ancient India around 5,000 years ago and then spread through China, Arab, Greece, Egypt and Europe. Despite its suppression throughout the Middle Ages, it is still flourishing more than ever today, especially in these stressful modern times when we are all searching for truth and answers within ourselves.

Palmistry is basically the skill of knowing a person's fortune and understanding his personality from his palm lines and related features. A detailed palm reading helps us understand our inner traits and be prepared for future events accordingly.

While people with same faces can still be found on this earth, we are yet to come across "two similar hands", which confirms the foundation of palmistry. We believe that a Palmist can interpret one's character, fortune, and possible future events by "reading" the lines, marks, and mounts on the palm of a person's hand.

Many doctors and psychologists who have investigated its science have shown from their conclusions that hands have the potential to reveal a person's character, health and psychological states.

Although Palmistry is a science and an art, by using psychic intuition a much greater understanding can be achieved.

At Global School of Scientific Astrology, we offer two Courses to learn Palmistry –

Basic Course Level I

  • During this course students will be taught how to read the fundamentals of the hands which will prepare you for meaningful and accurate hand interpretations.
    In this course basics will be covered and you will be able to read hands in a basic way.
  • Medium of Instruction - Hindi or English.
  • In This Course You Will Learn:-
    • Introduction and History of Palmistry.
    • Which hand do I read? Karma theory.
    • Handprints – theory and practical. Types of hand prints.
    • Planets / Mounts in palmistry. Types of mounts.
    • General characteristics of planets.
    • Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.
    • Shape of the Hand.7 Types of hand.
    • Name of the fingers. Phalanges.
    • Palm shape-Long, short. Palm texture.
    • Thumb-Length and shape. Angle, position of the thumb. Island in the thumb.
    • Shapes of the fingers – Average, long, short, conic, crooked.
    • Length of fingers. Flexibility. Distance between fingers. Hole between fingers.
    • Meaning of loop, Arch and whorl in hands.
    • Shapes of the nails. Markings and color of the nails. Diseases indicated by nails. Lines on nails. Moon in the nails.
    • Back of the hand-hair and veins.
    • Skin of the hand and color of the skin.
    • Basic introduction to the lines in the palm.
  • Duration 16 - 20 classes
  • For admission and other details, please contact us on 09999605307 or write to us at info@gssaworld.com