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Numerology (Ank Shastra)

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Numerology, as the name suggests, is a science of names and numbers. This study is based on certain "studies" and "principles" which help us to understand the personality traits of a person and do predictions about the events which could take place in a person's life.

The originator or father of Numerology is known to be Pythagoras, who is also a famous mathematician. He was a great believer of numbers and felt that the entire universe could be understood and expressed through numbers.

In many parts of the world, Dr. Julia Stenton is credited with raising awareness of numerology in modern times. She was the one who came up with the name "Numerology" for this science.

At Global School of Scientific Astrology, we offer two Courses to learn Numerology –

Basic Course Level I

  • During this course students will be taught how to read the fundamentals of the numbers which will prepare you for successful interpretations through numbers.
    In this course basics will be covered and you will be able to practice numerology in a basic way.
  • Medium of Instruction - Hindi or English.
  • In This Course You Will Learn:-
    • Basics of numerology, origin and growth of numerology.
    • Methods of numerology.
    • Root number,Fedic number, Name number.
    • Characteristics of each number in details.
    • Friendship table.
    • Compound numbers (1-80).
    • Checking names and changes for better future.
    • Lucky mobile number, house number, phone number etc.
    • Effects of first alphabet in the name.
    • Suitable profession according to numbers.
    • Stupank.
    • Loshu grid (In brief).
  • Duration 16 - 20 classes
  • For admission and other details, please contact us on 09999605307 or write to us at info@gssaworld.com